L&A Feline Fixers


I'm so glad your group stepped forward to help the poor cats that have no control over their lives.  I hope you will continue this worthwhile job as long as the strays need our help. - Mrs. Sagriff

Thanks for the hard work you and L.A.F.F. have expended and are expending on this really super organization - Barb

I hope this helps you to continue your good work with feral cats - Janine (Accompanied a donation)

I want to thank you again for doing the spay.  Without your help, Spanky might not be here today (medical crisis).  A donation is on its way to you - Stephanie

Just a little money to help with the strays.  Hope things are going well for this - Wilma

I am sending a donation now and more when I can.  I was so pleased to see the two cats yesterday that you did for me, looking healthy and in good shape.  Feline Fixers is such a great idea.  It will be so nice not having to worry about all the babies - Tammy

I am donating in memory of my mother and her beloved cats Jenny and Joey...  Once again, thank you for all your hard work and I hope this donation can be of assistance to your organization - Pamela

Thank you so much for helping me.  I appreciate your help and your organization - Eloise

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