L&A Feline Fixers News

2018 - this year marks our 10th of spaying and neutering our feral friends.  If you can help us carry on this important work, please consider making a donation.  We are a registered charity!

September 2017 - our dear friend, founding member and President, Linda, got married.  Thanks to her and Roly for asking guests to donate to the Feline Fixers, in lieu of wedding gifts!!

March 2016 - was our 'Name that Tune' event with our guest host John Malcolm.  There were lots of prizes to be won thanks to our wonderful sponsors.  The turn-out was less than hoped for, however, everyone had fun.  Thank you to everyone!!

Summer 2015 - we are so fortunate to have a corporate friend who shares our love for the animals.  As such. when she got married, our dear friend Robyn Holt, requested that in lieu of a wedding gift, that donations be made to our charity.  As it was a particularly busy spay/ neuter year, this was over the moon helpful!!  Thanks so much to the happy couple!

October 2014 - what a time we had hosting our first Halloween dance at the Lion's hall.  Good tunes, funny and unique costumes and crazy food.  Good times!

June 9/2013 - The rain was not our friend for our annual yard sale.  It didn't pour buckets like the day before, but enough to keep shoppers indoors.  However, with the help of MYFM 88.7, we did have lots of visitors and were able to make almost $700.  We are indebted to all the folks that provided items to sell and especially to those that braved the weather and bought some items. 

December 31/2012 - Thank you to everyone who added ornaments to our'pet love tree' at the Napanee mall this year, to honour your pets.  Above is the picture taken before taken down for another year.  The names have been added to our 'Honourary' page.

November/2012 - The annual Lionness Christmas Bazaar was successful again this year.  Our volunteers and Board got busy making some unique and useful gifts for animals and humans alike.  L&A Vet Hospital was good enough to sell the remaining gift mugs that we had so our total was over $300 net.  Thanks for all your support.

June/2012 - This year's 'Everything' Sale was a rousing success.  We raised enough to spay/neuter at least 10 females which really translates into millions of kittens that won't be born.  Thank you to everyone for your contributions, to Dominique and Andy for hosting the event and a huge thanks to those that made purchases and donations!!!

April/2012 - We have already started booking in cats for spay/neuter.  With the advent of early warm temperatures, our furry friends have started the breeding process already. 

January/2012 - Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Memory/Honourary tree at the Napanee mall during the month of December.  And to the staff of Paulmac's for distributing the ornaments to those who wanted to honour their furry friends.  Enough was donated to enable us to neuter a male cat.  So you see,  every dollar counts and helps us to end feline overpopulation.  We were able to spay/neuter another 38 cats during the 2011 calendar year.  This translates into millions (that's no typo) of kittens that will not be born thanks to your kind donations.

November/2011 - We once again had a booth at the annual Lionness Christmas Bazaar.  We had lots of hand-made items for sale and many, many Christmas present ideas for the hard to buy for person.  It was a great success.  Thank you to all the talented folks that made crafts for our table.

October/2011 - Another relatively successful season.  There were changes that affected our ability to get in as many cats for altering as we would have liked.  However, we perservere.   Our fund-raising is keeping track with our expenses so far and a big thankyou to all our supporters!!  We are winding down now for the winter season.  Be sure to look in the events section for upcoming fundraisers.

May/2011 - Spring has finally arrived and we are trying to book as many ferals in as we can for spay/neuter.  Please be patient as the clinic has changed the procedures for us and so, we are in a state of flux.

April/2011 - The Kingston Napanee Spay-Neuter Clinic opens in Bath.  This is open to everyone in this area and is providing a very basic service.  It is available for both cats and dogs with the aim of eliminating pet overpopulation in this region.  To get a quote, call 613-352-3333.  As a result, LAFF will no longer be providing assistance to pet owners and will be focusing on the feral/wild cat population.

December/2010 - The cold temperatures are back.  83 spay/neuters have been completed to date, (plus the 30+ altered at Bath Institution by our friends at SNKI) we must now restrict our efforts to cats that can be trapped in barns and other warmer enclosures until temperatures consistently rise above zero.  Our craft table at the mall was a big success, yielding over $250.  Thanks to all who stopped by and made donations and/or purchases.

Also successful again this year, was the pet memory/honorary tree which again was erected at the Napanee Mall.  It is very heart-warming to see so many pets that are honoured in this fashion.  They do so much for us and ask so little in return.  Thank you all for sharing your love for your pets!

November/2010 - The nice weather is great, but also means our little feline friends are still having babies.  To date, we have altered 59 cats.   Thank you to everyone who visited our table at the Lionness Craft Sale and a special thanks to those craft-oriented folks that donated home-made articles for the sale.  $170 was raised in that one day.

October/2010 - Wow and I thought the summer was busy.  We are overwhelmed with requests and just can't get enough appointment booked.  Factor in the inevitable challenge of catching the little darlings...  Please check the upcoming events to see how you can support our popular, necessary and worthwhile cause.

August/2010 - To date, we have spay/neutered 44 cats.  Given the challenges of the extreme heat this summer and our limited resources, we are pleased by this figure.  If you have any fund-raising ideas to share with us, please feel free to e-mail us at felinefixers@ymail.com.

July/2010 - The awful humidity seems to be encouraging the proliferation of the cats and kittens.  Remembering that a feline can get pregnant again while feeding a new litter and get pregnant with a second litter (yes, carry 2 litters simultaneously), is it any wonder that it is hard to make headway with this issue?  Unfortunately, while breastfeeding, the female is unable to be spayed (the swollen mammory glands make it to difficult).  Plus, we would not want to risk starving a litter that is too young.  This has been the challenge this summer, but we carry on.

June/2010 - With the upcoming HST, we are trying to fit in as many spay/neuters as we can as veterinary bills will be affected.  To date we have spay/neutered over 40 cats.  When you think about how prolific they are, it is amazing.  Unfortunately, the humane society has already closed their doors to incoming kittens, so this shows how important our work is. 

May/2010 - Spay and neuters are back on track and especially with a very successful 'Everything' Sale held on the 29th.  The weather was glorious and so was the turnout!  We raised just over $1,000!!  Thank you to everyone that donated items, baked goods and a special thank you to Mike Stevens of Country Traditions for the hotdogs that we cooked up and sold - yum!!  I'm sure all the shoppers were pleased with their treasurers that they took home.

February/March 2010 -  The battle was waged to try to save the 16 cats at Bath Institution from being needlessly euthanized by the Warden and Assistant Warden.  The inmate committee want to save the lovely cats and staff were willing to trap and transport them to the vet for spay and neutering, to keep the colony from getting any larger.  They are feral, but friendly and keep the vermin (such as rats, skunks, etc) at bay.  Why senior management are being so heartless is beyond imagination.   Thanks to the tireless efforts of members of a new group forming in the Kingston area SNKI (Spay/Neuter Kingston Initiative), the cats and kittens were given a reprieve.  Some have been adopted and soon all will be altered, so the colony will not expand.  The staff would still like to see all the cats adopted, so if you would like to take on a challenge such as this, please check out the kijiji ad.

January 2010 - 4 more clients were altered by the kindly staff at Richmond Veterinary Clinic.  Spay/neuters were put on hold for the rest of the cold weather, so as not to endanger animals left too long in traps.  Tax receipts were issued for charitable donations made during the year 2009.

December 2009 - 23 clients have been altered to date.  Sadly, one little mite didn't make it.  Complications of surgery...  Raising funds is now in full force. Congratulations to the winners in our raffle.  Terry Brown won the 'Basket Case' Christmas basket valued at $50, Donna Boomhour won the Cuisinart Popcorn maker and 5 free DVD rentals from Video 99 and Kelly Shermerhorn won the Royal Albert Christmas plate.

November 2009 - We're now at 15 clients and counting with more scheduled.  Although, as the temperatures drop, so will our ability to live-trap humanely.  We will still continue.  PLEASE check out how you can help on our upcoming events page.

October 2009 - Great news!  We have been approved for charitable status and can issue receipts for donations!! 

Business has been brisk.  So many people have called and e-mailed their requests in, that we've had to hurry to come up with fund raising ideas.  Please check the up-coming events page to be sure you won't miss out!

We wanted to share some of the pictures of our clients that we've been able to help.  Obviously, by the nature of our business, not all our clients wanted to present a favourable mug for our camera.  However, we've done the best we can.... 

Thanks to the staff at L&A Vet Hospital for the care and attention (and patience) with our less than enthusiastic wards!

Three kittens (first 2 photos) have required fostering as they are too young to be fixed.   As a consequence, they will be domesticated and cannot be returned to their original habitat.  2 are spoken for and will be going to their forever homes.  The 3rd is waiting....


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