L&A Feline Fixers

As you may know, in Christmas 2009 we started a "Pet Love" Tree at the Napanee Mall. This became an annual event, as we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to place an ornament on the tree to memorialize a pet who has passed over the rainbow bridge and also to honour those that still warm our hearts and our homes.  Thank you to all that made a donation to do that.   In the meantime, the following is a list of those honoured:

In Loving Memory - Brighton, Chico, Cujo, Diamond, Diddles, Ding-a-ling, EmuFarley, Fat-Cat, Felix, Ferguson, Guiness, Icepick, Isabella, Kasey, Kassy, Kaya, Laddy, Macey, Mallie, Mauser, Ming, Norman, Oscar-Myer-Weiner, The Patch, Patches, Peaches, Peaches Pigden, Pixie, Raisin Bran Muffin, Rebean, Sacha, Shep, Sox, Squirt Moulton and Tyson Pigden. 

In Honour - Angel, Blue, Buddy, Cassie-Girl, Charlie, Chewy, Chico, Chipper, Chubbs, Chucky-Bear, Daisy Pigden-Kardassis, Diago, Fred, Freddie, Indy, Jacko-Monster, Jasper, Lady (x2), Lily Pigden-Kardassis,  Mandy, Matt, Meacha Stevenson, Missy, Misty, Patches Pigden, Patty, Peanut, Pegger, Porchess, PussPuss, Rainbow, Rocco, Sassy Bird, Swiper, Taby, Tiger and Vinnie.

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