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Committed to ending feline over population in Lennox & Addington County.  

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We are now entering winter 2016/17.  All reports are that it is going to be a harsh winter.  To that end, we undertook to place winter homes in a few spots around Napanee, where we know there are existing colonies.  After all, we spend all this money spay/neutering, so we certainly don't want them to succumb to bad weather.  We took up a collection via Facebook, of either totes, Styrofoam or cash donations, so we cold make as many as possible.  You've heard the expression, 'it takes a village'?  So did this project.  We met on November 27th and 28th and were able to assemble 8 homes (see pictures below).  One of pure Styrofoam (which is very easy) and seven others made of 2 totes, lined with Styrofoam, straw and spray in foam.  Two were screwed to a skid and placed at the sites of the existing colonies.  We would like to have done more, however funds prohibited that.  We have applied for a grant from the Town of Greater Napanee.  So keep your fingers crossed.   And if you can help us financially, we would so appreciate your help.  We are run solely by volunteers, so you know that any donation is used 100% on our feral feline friends.

Tax receipts will be issued in January of each year, for every donation of $10 or more made during the previous year.  Donations can be made anytime through Canada Helps above.   You will be issued a tax receipt immediately on-line.  

Important notice!  As the demand for this service has been overwhelming, we ask that you e-mail your request particulars, including name, address, circumstances and contact information to: felinefixers@ymail.com   You can also phone 613-777-5454 .  Requests will be on a first-come basis and as funding permits.   Thank you for your patience and support of our program!! 

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